Monday, March 03, 2008

Just found a great healthy site, Kristen Suzanne's blog, click here to take a look. She is a vegan chef in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her latest book is depicted left.

Thinking about it makes me hungry, and nostalgic for my own salad days when I used to work in the kitchen. In those by-gone halcyon times, I would whip up dishes as Golden Gazpacho, which is as follows, with no amounts given, but roughly with those ingredients on the top as the ones you would use the most of:

Yellow tomatoes, seed and chop.
Orange tomatoes
, seed and chop.
llow peppers, roast, remove skin and seeds, then chop.
Cucumber, peel and seed and chop.
Celery, destring and chop.
Leek, wash, remove tops and chop.
Hemp hearts. (there are hulled hemp seeds).

Mix all, then add a mix of pumpkin seed and hemp oil with sherry vinegar to taste.
Salt, white pepper, touch of cinnamon bark, coriander leaves, bay leaf, hot peppers (optional, use sparingly to taste).

Serve with a half small roasted tomatillo, a slice of tofu and curry po
wder sprinkled over.
Looks best in a sepia or dark earth toned bowl, or scooped out melon or gourd.

Some non-vegan ideas here are: add prawns, or garnish with sour cream.

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