Friday, February 29, 2008

From South Africa we received word on the latest in hemp. Tony Budden of Hemporium was at the Grahamstown Festival, the Natural and Organics Products Expo at the Capetown International Convention Centre and Rocking the Daisies Green Music Festival. This year the press has picked up on their work, giving them space in local papers and top magazines such as Men's Health and Cosmo. Television exposure included an insert on SABC 3's "Free Spirit."
Their product range continues to expand, with new items including a range of ozonated healing gels developed by Dr Julian Holmes and 100% hemp denim jeans. Not only has the Hemporium label grown, but its range of outsourced products has increased as well. Clothes, cosmetics, accessories and books can all be found in their high street shop and online.
Hemporium products can also be found in a number of other stockists, including the newly added Wellness Warehouse chain, initially launched on Kloof Street, Dr Julian Holmes, Cape Town, but now expanded to Heathway in Johannesburg and Cavendish Links in Claremont.
In activism, Hemporium has also been quite energetic, attending the EIHA conference in Cologne and setting up an online petition, click here to get involved in supporting hemp cultivation in South Africa.
Tel: +27 (0)21 797 8233
Fax: +27 (0)21 761 9471
114 Constantia Main Road
Wynberg 7800
Cape Town
South Africa

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