Thursday, May 01, 2008

Image left is Tobias Kendall of Oxford, aka Ken Tobias, who got kicked out of Plane Stupid last month when Tamsin Omond of Cambridge outed him dramatically. Allegedly, he was working for C2i, a spook firm that must have some pretty low recruiting standards. Are they the ones behind Rachel North and David Shayler, both of whom claim they are not working for MI5? Maybe a double bluff on their part, but as to Kendall, er, um Tobias, his bluff got called. What made Omond see through it so easily? Was it the Armani jeans, or was it the fact that Omond is from Trinity College, a known recruitment ground for spooks and would know one when she saw one? Many of the Trinity crowd were sex addicts who betrayed their country to the Russians in the '30, '40s, '50s, '60s and whenever else they could get away with it; much of which was noted in the famous and suppressed book, Spycatcher.
The present day Trinity College alumnus was on hand last night at an event at St. Mary the Virgin in Primrose Hill, where the merchants of soya were on hand to sell their product. Somehow the vicar there must have forgotten that 2,000 years ago someone drove the merchants out of the church, but then again, there are a lot of vicars who have forgotten that the same person also said: "better a millstone tied around the neck of a person than they should hurt the little ones". Maybe the vicar was off at a sex shop, where the Tamsin Omond crowd can be found when not preaching to us or getting into trouble with the police or hasssling members of the general public at the Natural History Museum.
So, with the vicar away, the mice could play with people's minds and promote soya, a plant which is now one of the biggest problems facing the world today. Try telling this to Nigel Winter of the Vegan Society or the folks at Slow Foods London, and you just get a cold stare. Tamsin Omond then comes over to show her ignorance, and there is little one informed person can do against them, even if in the House of God, which they seem to have taken over.
And with the power and money behind Tamsin, one is not surprised. Her grandfather is none other than Sir Thomas Lees, who owns a good deal of land in the proserous South England county of Dorest, once a hemp growing and processing capital of the realm. Her father is a rich banker. She herself hangs out with l'ecume de l'ecume, having matriculated at some very expensive spots for rich kids, the kind who have money for both sex shops and the church.
But apparently, not much brains, or they would have known about hemp, and not used the House of God for a promo on soya, adding to the misery of poor farmers in Brazil, who are seeing more and more land cleared for this monocrop.
The irony is that the very people behind this misery are acting like eco-warrriors, running around in trendy spots talking about saving the planet, along with the dodgy people who forced palm oil plantations on the Indonesians and jatropha on the Indians (see previous post on this).
They are now threatening to force us to use more oil, which is set to rise to $200 a barrel (not so long ago it was $30). What they do is bash all biofuels, either directly, or by getting into the game and giving biofuels a bad name with their stupid ideas. Without biofuels, we are dependent on one fuel, and guess what, the price of that one fuel goes up.
Thus it is intelligent analysis to suspect that the rich kid bondage toy church attending crowd from Trinity College may just be the progeny of the pampered traitors at MI5, and that the game is to infiltrate environmental groups and stifle debate about biofuels. One easy way to do this is to write about it, then dissuade the public from taking action. Perhaps an example of this can be found in yesterday's Guardian, where the double barrelled Duncan Graham-Rowe mentions Henry Ford and his production of ethanol, but then talks only about rapeseed and maize (corn). Further, he warns against using up agricultural land for biofuels, but not a word about waste cellulose, such as stems, unwanted bark and other parts of the plant not used for food or fibre. This is crucial to the debate, and what is devious on the part of so many of the glorified debaters given space in the church and the media, is that they leave out the CRUCIAL part of the debate, entering at large celverly on some PART of the debate so as to push their agenda, which, dangerously, leads us back to petrol dependency, cotton usage, and soya consumption. By keeping us on petrol, major players in the options market can make a killing - literally - and they can well afford to pay people like Tasmin Omond to carry out this subterfuge.
But then again, this analyis may be rebutted by those who think that Tamsin Omond and crew are just 'plane stupid'.
And maybe they are. Whichever the case, treachery or stupidity, we cannnot afford to let this self congratulatory and trendy crowd ruin our lives with their mistakes. They are very self-centred gatekeepers with huge influence in the press, it is like they have hijacked a plane and we need the rational to storm the cockpit and get it back on the correct course.
Let's roll.

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