Tuesday, June 24, 2008

As pigeons are fond of hemp, it is no surprise that hemp farmers have their run ins with these birds on occasion. A recent posting on Pigeon Watch Forums is from a hunter who has been asked to shoot at pigeons who are bothering a field newly sown with hemp in the UK.
I might suggest an alternative to shooting, that is use birds of prey. A US gov report recommends one hawk for 200 acres. Most hawsk however are not good at taking pigeons, the falcons are a bit more adept at this, but some hawks do well. In London, a Harris Hawk is employed in Trafalgar Square, and Red-tailed Hawks are famous for this in New York City, though these raptores more usually take large rodents, along with the occasional snake.


Frand said...

Hello Kenyon. I do enjoy reading your blog! always very informative...
You left me a message a while ago about my Thinkhemp label, I lost the message.. please call me again with your number.
thank you
Frances Drummond

Mark Ski said...

Is Thinkhemp stil around?