Tuesday, July 01, 2008

As usual the papers were full of doom and gloom. However, one bright spot appeared in the Daily Mail where Liz Jones, pictured left, wrote about the cotton based fashion industry. She really hit hard, and took to task the likes of Fiona Lambert of Asda. This designer, like so many others, tried to assure us that she was very ethical indeed. Lambert went to lengths to point out that she had recently visited Asda factories in Bangladesh, and that they were indeed Kosher. Jones, however, asked some awkward questions. Lambert had no anwers, indeed had no idea what the minimum wage was in Bangladesh. So Ed Watson of Asda comes to the rescue of the Goliath corporation, telling the lovely damsel that he is there to clear up confusion. Jones is obviously no bimbo; she told him there was no confusion. Watson reiterated the assertion that the slaves, I mean workers, were paid mimimum wage, but on cross examination had no clue what that minimum wage was. The Jones vs. Watson case continued with further distress to the gentleman when our lady then pointed out that the Asda assertion about "negotiate with union representatives over terms" was so much hocus pocus as the union representatives are all in hiding from the government, which bends over backwards to please greedy businesses. Jones spent time walking through the Dhaka slums and seeing for herself what rubbish this is: slaves, I mean workers, live in huts with no running water, no electricity and no sanitation. It does not take Sherlock Holmes to see that Watson is full of BS. We will send Jones some information about hemp so she can add to the light some facts about this textile.
In other news, Sting got stung when he was found to have used an entire jet to take his highly paid butt to a gig in Germany. It ought to be a crime; of which there is plenty in Zimbabwe, where the hospitals are full of mutilated people who were cut to pieces by that darling of the left, Robert Gabriel Mugabe. The left hated the former president, Ian Smith, who made the hospitals and farms run well. But where are any of these lefty idiots to take responsibility for their crimes? I'd live to send George Monbiot to Zimbabwe to work on a farm, where he can learn a few things. Not surprising Zimbabwe refused to plant hemp, even though years ago Paul Benhaim went there to consult to the government about it. Other African nations are starting, however slowly, to learn about hemp, but don't expect to see fields of emerald up in Zimbabwe. For that matter, don't expect to see anything sprouting up in Zimbabwe except images of the great dictator Mugabe.
More bad news on the horizon is the fact that the US and Israel are making more noise about a strike on Iran, and so Iran is simply pointing out that they may stem the flow of oil if they get picked on. In which case, we may have a very cold winter, and not due to climate change. The West is simply not developing its own energy, and we need to have regime change to get this done, as governments in the US and the UK are too tied in to the oil and arms industries. And I did say regime change - which one translation service tried to interpret as "wipe off the map" - the famous remark that Ahmadinejad did not actually make. A year later a UN translator misinterpreted a note about Syria having certain weapons which was clearly, both in the original Arabic and the second translation into French, a remark about NOT having certain weapons - methinks this was accidentally on purpose. The arms dealers would love to have eternal war and make eternal profits. I would love to have some accuracy and a regime change.
Lastly let me mention a note about the EU changing its laws to allow the US to spy on EU citizens. Great. Big Brother crosses the pond and gets a warm welcome from the people we pay to guard our liberties. It is called treason, but they do not like that word, and in fact a number of UK MPs are trying to decriminalise treason. Much the same bunch that voted in the one sided US extradition laws, written mysteriously in US English. So treason would be legal, but growing hemp could get you the death penalty in the US.
Brave New World.

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