Monday, July 28, 2008

Image left is Gary McKinnon, the UK computer hacker who had some fun years ago on US sites that had no passwords. He was reprimanded and quit. Then, after a two year lapse, the US government decided to go after him and portray him as some kind of dangerous terrorist. Not able to find bin Laden, they got a low key computer hacker. Pressure tactics prevailed, and he was threatened with a Guantanamo Bay military tribunal. Ed Gibson at the U Embassy stated that Gary would fry. Then the Bush government overplayed its hand and started to go afterUK citizens who had not even committed crimes. It seems like this might have all gone away rather quickly, except that the media here is full of traitors and scum. They sell this country to foreign powers, they lie, they work secretly for underhanded intel agencies and then expect us to believe them. The Independent, for instance, once took a story on Ian Norris and totally suppressed it, after asking me repeatedly to set up the interview. Norris was the person to whom I alluded above as totally innocent; earlier this year the Law Lords had the guts to be British and refuse the US this stupid request.
McKinnon is not completely without support in the press, Jon Ronson did an interview with him in the Guardian 3 years ago, and Genevieve Roberts gave him space in the Independent 2 years ago. Yesterday he was in the Observer, which went so far as to quote his opinion on 9/11, which he has stated was an inside job. Little wonder that the Bush regime wants to silence him. There has been a trend lately to silence 9/11 researchers, and this includes Mike Zebuhr of Clemson University who was assassinated by a gang which was subsequently arrested, but released without any questions. Well, I have a question; was this gang Homeland Security? Did they have a clearance to kill and not be arrested? And what about former Congressman Joe Scarborough and his co-anchor on MSNBC stating that such people ought to be sent to camps in Eastern Europe and never heard from again?
Earlier this month I found Homeland Security trawling this site and googling my name (Jerry Dowell, using the computers at the HS HQ in Springfield, VA). They could easily contact me but they try to sneak around and think they will find something on me. Like what? I have a respect for the rights to life and librty as outlined in the US Constitution (which was written on hemp paper)? Or maybe this is because I tackled Renata Archer when a friend in NY was being hassled by them - she got a letter telling her the case was dropped but had nothing to do with me calling them.
Got to stand up to the bullies. But how many in the UK press will do this? The US extradition, Qinetic, 9/11, where is the real investigative reporting these days? And what are we to make of the BBC telling us about Building 7 falling 20 minutes before it did?
We will hear later this week on the Lords' decision regarding the McKinnon case. Hopefully it will be that he will stay here, case closed. Thanks to journalists like Ronson and Roberts we do still have some liberties. But do not think the press is up to speed no much, or gives a damn. If I had my way, Murdoch would be given 24 hours to leave the UK, all assets to be put into a public trust. There would be a law that journalists have to take an exam before they can practice, and publishers would have to be UK citizens. That is what some countries do. It is common sense. Or call it patriotism. Both of which have been sadly lacking in the Fourth Estate UK.

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