Friday, August 01, 2008


Gordon Brown is under a lot of pressure these days, as Miliband and others are grasping at the tu, Miliband? We shall see. But it is another shade of brown that is making me see red; Lord Brown, a law lord who recently gave a very flawed ruling. He is allowing a foreign power to snatch a British citizen. When I called his office yesterday, he was pompous about it; but even the best posing of a UK law lord does not fool me - underneath the pomposity I sensed cowardice. This is not a rare phenomena; Pilate, unable to rule properly, acted in much the same manner. The story is that the Romans felt that his act was too shameful for even them, and they got rid of him. Should have listened to his better half.

What is flawed about the ruling to allow Gary McKinnon to be extradited to the US is that he committed unlawful acts here, not in the US. True, they were on cyberspace, but allowing cyperspace to be the domain of any country is wrong. US cyber criminals, and I mean those who urged GBH against British teachers and students, were not subject to such laws, as there was no reciprocity. McKinnon did no violent deed, he merely palyed around on US sites that the Pentagon was too stupid to safeguard with passwords. I am not about to defend the actions - but to send a low level computer hacker over to the US which has threatened him with 70 years and which lately has shown an utter disregard for the law, e.g. in its actions in Guantanamo Bay - which is not even still under lease and is itself an illegal squat - is a vile act. Judas Iscariot would accept this one, but I am not. And I am making noise about it, no matter how many Homeland Security spooks or other agency spooks get on this blog to check out what I am saying. So let them take note - the UK is the greatest nation on earth and Lord Brown needs to learn that. So do the other four law lords who have taken part in this travesty.

Interestingly, a number of MPs tabled a motion recently to have treason removed from the list of crimes. Some of them must be worried that the public is starting to see through the lies and pomposity. They are in reality running scared, but soon they, like traitors in the past, including Judas Iscariot, will be riding the hemp horse.

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