Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Image left is what, or who, the US might have for President one day. Scary in a bland kind of way. Imagine McCain gets in, and in the excitement of winning has a heart attack. Enter Hockey Mom. Happy Clappy woman who will have access to the launch codes...
This is not, however, an endorsement for the other happy clappy person, Obama. Either one of them is a nightmare; and neither cares about hemp. Both are about as igorant as a pig on this issue - and quite a number of other issues as well. Sarah Palin supports guys who chase polar bears out of helicopters, and thinks the Lord will return in her lifetime, despite the Gospel telling us that only God knows the time. Maybe she, like W, has some kind of hotline to the heavens...or just orders from the GOP warmongers who make money by using the naiev to start wars. They need a nice clean face to make us forget about the environment and the economy. And the Democrats are just as much to blame - Obama voted for the abomination in Iraq. Cynthia McKinney didn't. Palin supported it hook, line and sinker. And boy oh boy is she proud of herself!

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