Friday, September 26, 2008


Belsize Park now has a new piece of merchandise with which to identify. It is a Belsize Ban Bag shopping bag. Is it made of hemp? No. Jute, bamboo, or flax? No, no and no. It is not made of cotton, is it? Unfortunately, yes. The trendy and foolish went and got themselves a piece of the bag war action and now want to parade around in a cotton bag. Bear in mind that a good number of residents here drive 4x4s. This is not an environmentally friendly neighbourhood. It is a good place to buy drugs or run into George Michael, Kate Moss, Pete Doherty or other drug users, and lots of rich people trying to be very cool indeed. But not so affluent that they could afford a real hemp bag, which only cost £10 or less from The Hemp Shop. And for that you get a long-lasting 100% organic hemp bag, the one which the Ecologist picked up on last year and which I used for my protests againt the Anya Hindmarch bag and other cotton atrocities.

So I am not going to make many friends in trendy Belsize Park. Not that I was ever anxious to waste my time with the likes of Moss and Michaels. Better things to do, like draw attention to the coming water crisis. For more information on this and why cotton is a threat to humanity, see related posts on this blog by clicking on the tags below.

In the meantime take a tour of Belsize Park and look for the Real Eco Bags are Made of Hemp bag- if you correctly spot me with it, and email me at, I will send you a prize, something made of hemp, or maybe even a copy of Hemp for Victory. Hint: I am very untrendy. Very uncool. That is my image.

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