Monday, December 08, 2008


An article in the Journal of Industrial Hemp in Vol. 13 # 1 covers hemp in Thailand - written by Thitivara Sengloung, Lily Kaveeta and Jorg Mussig, and titled " Physical Properties of Traditional Thai Hemp Fiber (Cannabis sativa L.)" (pp. 20-36). The authors looked at a traditional variety used by the Hmong, grown in Chaing Mai, in the north. Fibre fineness, strength, length, and lignin content were all studied, from stems aged 60-125 days. Results showed finest fibres were from the top of the stem and the strongest from the middle.
The hemp in the study was grown at an altitude of over 1,000 m, and planted on 10 July, 2004 both sloping and flat areas of the hill.
Among the hilltribesmen, hemp is a traditional cloth. It is usually coarsely woven, and sold in 50cm strips, and used for such items as handbags.
This is the first ethnobotanic study of Thai hemp. Presently Thailand is not a major producer, and even imports some hemp cloth from China.

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