Sunday, December 28, 2008

Image above is Aimee Nathan, a student at North London Collegiate School who is an environmental activist. She, in contrast to the Tamsin Omond crowd, has got it right, and managed to get publicity without so much as breaking a single law. Her concern is the ubiquitous and iniquitous use of throw away coffee cups, so she simply brings her own to coffee shops. A simple act of genius that can change the way we live without anarchists and police getting involved. Speaking to People, she voices her lament as follows: "We take our environment for granted and waste too much, especially coffee cups. I hope we can show that doing a little thing can make a big difference." She has also organised flash mobs outside coffee shops, much better than grounding aeroports. A few flabbergasted shop assistants are the only casualties! She has also been on Channel 4's Battlefront, and has gained the support of Jodie Marsh. We will work on sending her a hemp bag in the future, and some hemp clothing.
Of course, if she wants to check out her own hemp supplies, here are some suggestions:
Braintree Clothing, overlooking the canal in Camden Market
Minawear Hemp Clothing
The Hemp Shop


Mark Ski said...

Nice to see Aimee Nathan and others on sustainable actions that make sense. All the best to her. BTW, '09 is the year of natural fibres, are you doing anything for it?

Jokerman said...

Here we are just about in '12, and it looks like no one has.