Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Years ago former MI5 officers Annie Machon and David Shayler poked their nose in the hemp movement, after poking their noses in the peace movement and, after becoming persone non grate there, poking their noses into the 9/11 Truth Movement. Sad to say they still haunt the latter on occasion; the anarchists in London have been writing lengthy articles to the effect that both are still active MI5 employess pretending to be whistleblowers so they can get inside lefty groups. Whatever the sordid truth, they were unwelcome in many quarters for very good reasons. In the hemp world, they went around to Tony's Hemp Corner, aka Tony's Holistic Centre at King's Cross and pestered the staff into giving David some cannabis tincture - £40 a bottle. One wondered where they got they dosh as neither of them seemed to do any work. Soon after I got sick of them too and told David off in the middle of his rant at the Indian YMCA in Fitzrovia; and soon after that, he decided that he was the Messiah. £40 worth of cannabis tincture may have played some part in that decision, but some, and perhaps the likes of Larry O'Hara in the anarchist camp, thought his delusional behaviour might have been only a ruse to discredit the 9/11 Truth Movement, which was foolish enough to put him forward at just about every meeting. Good job I distanced him from hemp, or he might be wearing some hemp as he parades pretending to be the Messiah or whatever - he has made multiple claims about his reincarnation and divinity. We really do not need such nutters. They seem to be a dime-a-dozen here now, what with the posh protesters led by Tamsin Omond, running around grabbing attention. Journalists love it, they do not have to spend time doing real research if they have a village full of idiots to report on. Useful idiots that is, as they deflect attention from real causes or infiltrate worthwhile movements to make them look stupid; send in the clowns is a mantra in some intel agencies when they need to take an organisation out by 'peaceful' means.

Monday I got an email from this messianic clown, in which he stated that he had used his authority as the Messiah to suspend the courts here in the UK. Rather unceremoniously, security twisted his arms behind his back and frogmarched out with an order not to return. His disciples, he told us, now have orders to disobey the law here. However many they may be, and some did not need an order from nutcase to do so. At the bottom of his email was an Amsterdam address, which confirmed information I had received about his whereabouts - it is said he is living it up at a posh pad in Amsterdam and actually has a following. Not surprising; Holland has a political party for paedophiles. In addition, a Londoner named Belinda Mackenzie, who was involved in a dodgy charity (£5m of its funds were illegally put into a personal account and the records of its revenues were burned before the police could investigate) has been known to help him out. Annie has been known to spend time in that part of the world with the 9/11 Truth Movement.

At least none of them are in the hemp movement. However, we would do well to prune out a few clowns of our own, from arrogant dope heads to know-it-all trendy types. Too often the press uses these figures as an excuse to ridicule the hemp movement, just as they use them to ridicule the 9/11 Truth Movement. I will not name names, but suffice to say we know who they are and it may be well to do unto them what the Court of Justice in London did to Shayler.

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