Monday, February 09, 2009

The image above is the painting I am working on, its revelance to hemp is that I used hemp seed oil, along with linseed oil and poppy seed oil to paint it. Previous posts on this site will have more technical information on the drying of oils. The hawk is a Red-tailed Hawk, mature male, Buteo jamaicensis. They are often mobbed by crows, and they can well hold their own against a flock of these birds. In Central Park I once watched Pale Male, the famous resident Red-tailed Hawk, non-chalantly scatter a few of these pests. The next day, I found the carcass of the corvid rotting in the bushes.
I am nearly finished with this, and am offering the original for sale at £11,000, and giclee limited edition prints, each signed, numbered and hand finished, for £100. Size is roughly A2 on archival paper for the prints, same size as original, which is painted on Belgian fine portrait linen.

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