Monday, February 16, 2009


In Australia the Green Party is not popular; not after hundreds of people died in forest fires that could have been prevented if qualified fire prevention officials had been listened to, and forest areas had been thinned down to minimise the risk of fire in a country where that is the #1 threat. Their impassioned pleas to keep every last log in place for every last bug to have a snug home backfired, and now every last bug is dead, burned to a crisp thanks to these idiots, who may or may not care that hundreds of their fellow humans have also met such a fate. As usual, the idiot savants in the Green Party have little remorse. The only pain they feel is when someone like me reproaches them, and then they hang their heads in shame and cry that I ought not to expect them to be scientists. No, I do not. In fact I do not expect them to even be literate enough to read about hemp, though some have found their way on to this blog and complained vociferously. The best thing they ever did was to back Cynthia McKinney for President of the United States in '08, and even that they could not get very right, with a high profile candidate like her they ought to have gotten millions more votes, but their stupid stunts make them a pariah party.

Let's hope that we can allow our governments to implement public safety measure without interference from these know-it-all climate change fanatics. How much more money has to be spent on their pipe dreams, and how many more have to die before we see through their drug induced hysteria?

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