Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Image left is the new electric moped that Oliver Lindon, one of my readers, just bought. Good to see my readership putting their money where their mouth is, and, by the way, putting money into their own future. By riding around on this vehicle he is keeping down expences and keeping the air cleaner. He will not have the parking and maintenance charges that cars have, and he will not spend hours on end looking for a parking space (which are all too often taken up by SUVs). His neighbours benefit from this move too, we all benefit. I have not asked yet, but I did wonder, having met him and his girlfriend, if two can share the ride? A long time ago I designed an ad for the bicycle industry for which the logo was: "Two can get closer on a bike."
Someone actually took that caption and used it with an image of two acrobats on a unicycle, but somehow, the unicycle industry has not yet taken off...It sometimes takes two to tango.

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