Friday, February 27, 2009

In the '30s, the press went beserk and demonised hemp, led by the Hearst newspapers. Facts were ignored so that a few companies could increase their dominance, and we are paying for it today. But the beat goes on...if you try to get them onside about this issue now, you end up wasting your time, and this includes a number of 'lefty' papers...such as the Independent, which, as the Ecologist newspaper points out, ran a front page story about environmentalists supporting nuclear energy. Here on this site you can read more details of this, and how twisted debate on biofuels kept us from developing biofuels. Also on this site, there has been much mention of press dishonesty in regards to 9/11. Above is a photo of Beverly Eckert, a 9/11 widow, clutching a photo of her late husband. She refused money from the government as a payout; part of the deal was that she would have to forego a real investigation. She stood out, and got hammered down; earlier this month she perished in a routine flight in New York. Funny how so many opponents of the Bush administration perish on aeroplanes, and the dots somehow connnect to the fact that both Bushes were pilots. In fact, the first victims of the Bushes may have been the two US Marines who died on the plane that George Herbert Walker Bush allowed to crash over Iwo Jima, without allowing them to parachute out to safety. This cowardice was observed by Sgt Chester Merzejewski. It came out in an election, but the press elected not to go into too much detail here; and maybe wisely, as those who go into 'too much detail' can end up dead. We do not know for a fact whether Beverly Eckert was murdered, but we do know that another 9/11 sceptic was - Mike Zebuhr - he was gunned down after a robbery. The gunman, ironically named Walker, fled the scene of the crime, and was pursued by the police. But when aprehended, he was let go, scot free. What gives? Zebuhr was a well respected magna cum laude graduate student and campus leader at Clemson University, where he handed out copies of Loose Change.
This week, another mysterious death, this time, someone I met recently - Paul Vigay, an IT consultant who recently put up a 9/11 website (google his name and you will see what I mean). He went out for a walk and was found a day later, washed up in the sea. No suicide note, a happy home life with a long term partner, no financial worries. Did he really decide to go for a swim in the chilly February waters off the south coast of England? Or were the comments on his site, include a number about intel service torture of suspects (the latest is that these goons were behind pulling out finger nails) too much for the CIA, whose long arm has lawlessly extended itself into so many other countries?
In addition to the mysterious deaths, there are the incidents of harrassment, including William Rodriguez's delay by Homeland Security when he was en route to the UK to discuss all this. Why would Homeland Security not want to allow him to leave the country - the hero of 9/11? 9/11 heroes, 9/11 widows, 9/11 sceptics, these seem to be the target of our security forces - who are perhaps inspired by the words of the MSNBC anchormen who asked that 9/11 sceptics be tasered, arrested, and sent to secret camps in Eastern Europe; one of these was none other than former (as in, had to leave office when the dead body of a woman was discovered in his office) US Congressman Joe Scarborough. Tasered, arrested, and sent to secret camps; or maybe just killed. This is the reality that the coward press does not report. They would rather put nuclear power stations in your backyard, which, as one environmentalist noted, are accidents waiting to happen. And accidents do happen, in a rather disproportionate proportion to those who ask awkward questions.

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The press sucks. Most journalists are pansies sucking up to their rich bosses. Wankers.