Monday, March 02, 2009

In a previous post, I knock Homeland Security for their perusal of my blog. They make Inspector Clouseau look smart. But now the hippy CIA, that is, the anarchic crew of conspirarcy theorists who see a Zionist under every bed, have played dumber to their dumb. After my post about Paul Vigay and his mysterious death in Southsea, I got a personal threatening email from one Steven Collier of Burton upon Trent, who posts on the 9/11 forums as Mason Free Party. I was told I had been sussed and I ought to go back to my Zionist hole. Checking the 9/11 forum, I found that I was accused of being Dr Hemp, a character I met once in Bristol. I am not Dr Hemp. I am a blogger, pure and simple. Just to set the record straight...I'd stay and blog more but I am off to get my cheque from Mossad and change my disguise. I thought I'd outwitted them all, but I guess David Shayler saw through it. Shucks...

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Mark Ski said...

Yes, this is strange about 9/11 researchers getting killed. Lots of people dead trying to get the truth out, going back to Rudolph Diesel...well, way before him too.
I say watch out. It's not paranoia, just common sense.