Monday, March 02, 2009

Speaking of spies this month, after having been accused by a reader of being one, see posts below, my memory was jogged about a story in the hemp world. Image left is uber spy Jack Herer, who, working for the CMI, infiltrated Lyndon Larouche, that avid spy seeker who runs the Executive Intelligence Review. CMI went undercover as anti-pot activists, and discovered a bizzare world in which LaRouche was planning to have rock music outlawed and make a hero of Mark Chapman, the guy who shot John Lennon.
Of course, now that I've told that story, there will doubtless be rumours that Jack was really an undercover DIA informant! Maybe Annie Machon, David Shayler or Steven Collier can shed some light on it. Ah how the pot, I mean plot, thickens...

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Mark Ski said...

Undercover cannabis agents! James Bond has nothing on that!