Monday, July 20, 2009


Mark Anslow has just written a very interesting article in the Ecologist (June, 2009, p. 12). It is about a device created by Alvin Smith which harnesses water motion. His creation consists of a ballast and floats connected by a piston. A wave passes it, the float is lifted, the piston is raised and water is compressed. The float then sinks back down on the tail of the wave on to a second float, compressing the water again on the downstroke. It needs no electricity to run, nor even lubrication.
The energy can be summoned at will. One machine can generate 1 megawatt, enough for 1,700 homes, at prices lower than market.
These can work even in reservoirs.
Imagine a future with these, and other non-petrol based devices, such as solar towers, giving us clean energy and reducing the price of oil. But, like industrial hemp, they may be in for some suppression from the powers that run the media and the global economy.
I encourage all to stay tuned to this idea and support it so it does not get thrown aside. Click here for the Searaser site and more info.

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