Friday, August 14, 2009

Image left is of two who do not seem to know when to take an exit. They demand much more than their 15 minutes of fame; former MI5 desk clerks Annie Machon and David Shayler. These two came along to the 9/11 Truth Movement and, with the help of Belinda Mackenzie, pushed their way to the front. Many regretted their involvement, as they seemed to go out of their way to make it all look like a circus. At one point, Shayler even pushed an eyewitness aside and started to promote his own absurd views during a viewing of "9/11 Eyewitness" in East London.
The press loved it, they could use them to bash the 9/11 movement. There was nay a word about the real evidence or the likes of William Rodriguez, who spoke time and time again around the world, but was shunned by journalists as they spent their time feting Shayler and giving him abundant space.
Now much the same is happening with hemp. Shayler, sitting on a squat in a dress and calling himself both the Messiah and Dolores Kane, a transvestite persona he has taken on lately, had decided to mention hemp quite often. Much as we talked about hemp, he never took the trouble to wear it or even read much about it. His transvestite garb is most likely cotton. His whole act is a scam, and he is not only squatting houses, but squatting the hemp movement. If only we could get a court order to evict him, or he would just shut up...
But sadly the press, which cannot be bothered to get the story on hemp, will use him as a reference and cast discredit on a very real issue.

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