Monday, January 25, 2010

In New Haven Connecticut, there are some interesting buildings. One of course is the Tomb, that windowless structure at 58 High Street where Skull & Bones meets. I approach cautiously; there are no signs of life; video cameras record my every move. Over the door there is the number 911 and an owl...and an odd padlock with the number 322. The two numerals bear some numerical similarity, but who knows. The perception is that behind these locked doors and high tech security strange med take drugs and in weird initiation rites. 15 kids a year from Yale meet here and do things they don't seem to want to talk about.
Another building, not far from the Tomb, is the Pfizer building, at One Howe Street, just off the Yale campus. Equally eerie as behind locked doors and high tech security men are paid to take drugs. And not just any drugs, the latest for instance, a new substance they are hoping to use on arthritis patients, has been known to cause the following side effects in animals:
Changes in body weight
Increase bone fragility
Increase in cholesterol
Impaired body chemistry
Impaired liver function
Impaired sleep
Low blood pressure
Low heart rate
Low bone mass
Low blood cell count
Skin thinning
Stomach lining erosions
All of which may show up in their human lab rats, who are just finishing up the last phase of the trials this week. If things do not go well, they may end up in a tomb; convenient that there should be one near-by. The test is being supervised by Dr Arne G Hanssen. The drug is only know so far as PF-04308515. It is the first time it is administered to humans.
Meanwhile, well proven substances which do not cause any of the above sypmtoms in humans are illegal! Why? Maybe because Pfizer would not make any money off a plant that grows easily and can be used by amateurs. Drug dealers beware: We know your tricks. You are selling manmade dangerous substances to the general public at inflated prices. And some of you are in that Hegellian brotherhood on High Street, getting rich at taxpayers' expence. We know where you are and what you are up to.

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