Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Dearest All!!

Happy New Year!! Minawear is back in action at a "grassroots" level! Haha! It was sold and then magically VOILA! Given back to me. Can you believe it? Just my luck. Things are looking pretty good here in TEXAS! WHOA!! Yep. That's the home base now. Livin' the slow life in the friendly state.

If you want me to keep in touch with updates on new outfits, new developments, and the Minawear where abouts, I will! If not, let me know and I will pluck you off this list forever!

As well as acquiring back all the original inventory, I have started doing one of a kind tie dyes on 100% hemp! Amazingly delicious material that looks and feels like knit silk. The best part is that you feel naked, which is fantastic in a humid place like this, which by the way, makes for the best work out shirt in the world. Don't forget hemp is also anti-microbial, and UV ray protective, making it ideal for sensitive skin, including chemotherapy patients.

Have a look at the photos attached, and also view more of the old styles I still have available at:

Do call or email for prices, and availablity! I am ready to make deals!! (My office is exploding!)

May this be the best year ever!!!

Mina Hegaard
310 487 3396

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Conor said...

The argument to grow hemp in the United States is never framed as a commodity issue, great post.