Saturday, January 08, 2011


MS sufferer, medical-cannabis advocate and former TV talk-show host Montel Williams was cited for possessing a wood marijuana pipe on Tuesday, 4 January. TSA at Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee found the pipe in the Williams' carry-on bag. He paid a $484 fine and then departed for New York.
Williams explains on his Facebook page: "I was in Wisconsin for a follow up appointment on a groundbreaking study that I've been involved in through the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This study could have tremendous impact on the lives of people with MS, as well as people with other neurological disorders such as traumatic brain injuries.
I only hope that the news of my experience encourages people to continue to push for legislation that will allow Americans who need help to have the safe access they deserve: medication without criminalization."

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Carlos said...

Montel Williams is a real activist - he once asked a TV talk show host if he knew the names of any dead US soldiers...naturally, there was no answer....Montel was unpopular for this.