Wednesday, June 01, 2011


An article in yesterday's New York Times by Lee Van der Voo tells us a rare success story - about how windmills are making people rich in Sherman Co in Oregon. A local judge, Gary Thompson, remarks: "Wind is the only thing that is going to save rural Oregon, especially since all the timber is gone and the sawmills and all that are closing down. I think what it is is a breath of fresh air."

The county started with it in 2002, when it took in $315,000 in taxes from the first wind farm, and now makes

$3million. Nine years of tribute on these mills have raked in $17.5 million, to be divided between 1,735 residents.

In other parts of the state, and country, much is being lost; but in Sherman County, people are getting paid $5,500 - $7,800 per mill on their land. They now have a new library, two new city halls, new sewers and a bridge.

One local restarauteur, Kathy Neilhart, was about to close up shop some yeras ago, but now has a thriving business: "It's been wonderful...It's just a fabulous, happy pile of money," she told the NYT.

So why is the rest of the country reaping only the whirlwind and not the profits? Because too many stupid pols have sat back and let the petroleum companies sell you stuff you don't need. This is proof of how well it works. And in areas that do not have much wind, there is solar, tidal turbine, and of course hemp stalks to provide ethanol, methane and charcoal.

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GOPbuster said...

Alternative energy is all the more needed as the US experiences storms - with it, power outages like the long ones in NY and NJ could have been avoided.