Saturday, June 18, 2011


Thursday the New York Times had an article on rooftops in New York being potential spots for solar energy - my last post was on a NYT article about how wind energy in Oregon is making everyone rich in Sherman County.
So why is New York not making this work? With all the geniuses here and there money...trouble is, most of them just talk and talk and that's it.
If this is to be done, we must write the Congressmen and get them the case - if they are not too busy sexting...yesterday New York lost Anthony Weiner, so there's one rep who is not available. I reside in Jerrold Nadler's consittuency, so he will be getting a letter from me about this and about hemp - which has been supported by Congressman Ron Paul, in whose Texas district I also spend some time - years ago I joined the navy there. And what with his support of hemp and other issues - I am supporting his bid to the White House - so check out my other blog at
Let's hope he gets in and hemp is legal again...and of course, we expect him to put up solar panels on the White House - which Jimmy Carter put up years ago. So why are we just reading about all this now as if it were a new idea?

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