Thursday, July 21, 2011


The police, it seems, found this chap dead - not because someone called them to the house or there was a disturbance, just that they 'happened' to want to check on him...and he 'happened' to be dead.
But of course this could not have been a conspiracy. Only a tin hat wearing paranoid weirdo from Mars would think that the man who blew the whistle on Citizen Murdoch would be found dead the day Citizen Murdoch was to testify in Parliament...
And just to soothe the paranoid weirdos of the world, the Herts police decided that there it was not suspicious. They are now awaiting toxicity reports, which, we know, will confirm their knowledge. I mean, usually the toxicity reports tell us what drugs he was on or if someone gave him chloroform and then cyanide, or whatever...but the police are not waiting for that, they just knew, like they just knew to knock on his door before the cadaver started to go off...or like Jane Standley just 'happened' to report on WTC falling - 20 minutes BEFORE the fact! I traced down Richard Porter at the BBC in 2008 and asked him about it and he refused to put her forward...he just told me there was nothing suspicious.
Nothing suspicious...that's what they're even saying about the bag Rachel Brooks' husband saw fit to get rid of clandestinely.
Nothing suspicious - about the way some of this is disappearing from the news - I mean, yesterday in the NYT - which helped break this story and to which Hoare had blabbed - did not even MENTION his death! Just like they were best of friends in the newsroom then they just kinda forgot he even existed, and nothing on the bag that was tossed either.
Now, there was lots of news about a pie that was thrown. And it even made the Daily News reporter mention that conveniently, Wendy Dang (Murdoch's wife - young enough to be his granddaughter) - just happened to get right back in her seat with her hairdo fact, some of the press said this was the best thing to happen to Murdoch...and it just 'happened' despite the police being there to guard a heavily hated billionaire...most of whom, hated or not, do not get pies thrown in their faces in a government hearing. The pieman seemed a little off for some protester too - he mumbled something about him being a 'naughty billionaire'; which does not seem to resonate with any angst; so I am asking, was he a paid stuntman, there to divert attention from the investigation - like other paid stuntpersons, some of whom pose as journalists or victims of terrorism in order to steer the public away from any real investigation?
Which there does not seem there will be in the case of Hoare. One of his neighbours in fact told the press that Hoare had told them someone was out to get him, maybe someone in the government, and not to let on that he was home if someone came a'calling. He also looked into conspiracy theories. But this did not make the mainstream press, it is on certain blogs - why is there more information on blogs than in the NYT when it was the NYT that broke this story? Maybe all the news is not fit to Murdoch said to Paul Dacre, the editor of the Daily Mail, he would not be the only dirty dog on the street. I never thought this was only about Murdoch - ever since 9/11 it has been evident that many papers in the world are helping to block an investigation into 9/11 and have their own scandals. Murdoch is right about one thing at takes on to know one.
And will we ever know what really happened to Hoare?

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