Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Danny Jowenko, the Dutchman who analysed the WTC7 collapse and debunked the official story, has been killed recently in a car crash in Holland. Not able to read Dutch, I really cannot comment, although it is mysterious the number of deaths that seem 9/11/Murdoch related, from Mike Zebur, to Paul Vigay, to Sean Hoare, to Danny Jowenko - that is a short list.

My last post tying Murdoch to 9/11 seems to have some interesting visitors, including one from the House of Parliament, some time afternoon or evening London time. Just after Murdoch was on the stand, but not under oath, most likely lying to all of us.

In NY, the papers are putting it all on the front page, indeed it has made the NYT front page just about every day since the Fourth of July. This is followed by 2-3 pages some days. In yesterday's Daily News, Richard Cohen comments: "The similarities between Kane, Hearst and Murdoch are numerous. It's hard to summon any pity for any of them."

Yet Murdoch is trying to summon it, pointing out, not without some truth, that the other papers are trying to bring him down. Indeed they may be, but not for nothing. It was his own fault, not just the acts of one hapless journalist or even a handful. He may get sympathy from David Aaronovitch, but even that not without a quid pro quo.

Or maybe Giuliani will have some for him - Cohen points out that Murdoch helped him get elected...Cohen might one day also notice that Giuliani benfitted from 9/11 and the anthrax attacks...forgot about those? Well, we all called it a US made job - and the FBI agrees with that - but not a word in the Post about it...I guess Murdoch does not want to have anyone know.

More to come, if I do not end up on the list of mysterious deaths.

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