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Is Murdoch behind 9/11? Many are now asking this - with perhaps only some anecdotal evidence in the public domain - such as the allegation that News Corp tried to hack 9/11 victims' phones - to get info on anyone, like William Rodriguez, who saw anything suspicious? The Murdoch press, including the likes of DDT loving Andrea Peyser, love to mock 9/11 truthers...one goes so far as to write a book on it - David Aaronovitch - a review was posted on this site in spring of 2009.

Murdoch seems to be clearly trying to marginalize independent researchers who use facts to challenge the government’s flawed explanation of what occurred on 9/11. Why?


More than a year before 9/11, media mogul Rupert Murdoch produced a television program that depicted a passenger aircraft being hijacked by remote control and flown into the World Trade Center. Murdoch has close and long-standing relations with the individuals who gained control of the twin towers shortly before they were destroyed.

Murdoch is said to be television’s “most powerful man in the world with the capacity to reach more than 110 million viewers across four continents.” Murdoch sits at the helm of News Corp., the parent company of Fox News network, and controls a large part of the mass media in the United States, including The New York Post and the Fox cinema and television network.

Murdoch’s international media network owns more than 175 newspapers and magazines on three continents, publishes 40 million papers a week and dominates the newspaper markets in Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

Less well known, however, is the fact that Murdoch produced a television program in 2000, which predicted with uncanny accuracy the attacks of 9/11.

Murdoch also has long-standing relationships with the key individuals who gained possession of the World Trade Center shortly before 9/11 – and who profited from its destruction.

In 2000, Murdoch produced a television program about a terror attack on the World Trade Center, which predicted precisely the kind of attack that occurred on 9/11. He is also closely connected to the two individuals who leased, and then insured the WTC property – and their future earnings – against precisely such an attack.

These connections and circumstances suggest that Murdoch had a considerable degree of prior knowledge of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Repeated calls to Murdoch’s office by American Free Press to inquire about what he may have known or suspected about the possibility of such an attack were not returned.


On March 4, 2001, Fox TV, a branch of Murdoch’s media empire, broadcast the pilot episode of a “spin-off” series based on characters from the popular Fox program “X-Files”. The short-lived series was called “The Lone Gunman.”

A Murdoch-owned company called Canadian Millennium Productions, Ltd. (News Corp. owns 83 percent), produced the pilot episode for “The Lone Gunman” in Vancouver, Canada, and New York City from March 20 to April 7, 2000.

The title “The Lone Gunman” refers to a Washington-based government watchdog news weekly, not unlike the court-killed SPOTLIGHT and the American Free Press. The show’s main characters are the investigative reporters who produce the paper.

The pilot episode of “The Lone Gunman” depicted the hijacking of a passenger aircraft by a hostile computer hacker who takes control of the plane computer flight system and directs it to fly into one of the towers of the World Trade Center.

The climactic sequence shows the plane heading straight for one of the twin towers, but thanks to the efforts of the crew of “The Lone Gunman” and the powerful “Octium” computer chip, the pilots are able to regain control of the plane at the last second and avoid the building by inches.

The pilots do not swerve away from the tower but pull the plane up in a steep climb. In a memorable scene full of suspense the plane narrowly missed the tower.

The background footage for the plane’s approach to the WTC was actually filmed during the spring of 2000 by a special aerial crew that used a helicopter flying low over Manhattan on a night flight toward the twin towers.

Despite the uncanny similarities between the Murdoch-produced film and the horrific reality of 9/11, rather than being discussed in the media as a prescient warning of the possibility of such an attack, the pilot episode of “The Lone Gunman” series seemed to have been quietly forgotten.

While an estimated 13.2 million Fox TV viewers are reported to have watched the pilot episode of “The Lone Gunman”, broadcast on March 4, 2001, when life imitated art just six months later on 9/11, no one in the media seemed to recall the program.


“I woke up on September 11 and saw it on TV and the first thing I thought of was The Lone Gunmen,” Frank Spotnitz, one of the program’s four executive producers said. “But then in the weeks and months that followed, almost no one noticed the connection.”

Frank Spotnitz, John Shiban, Vince Gilligan, and Chris Carter are listed as executive producers of the program. Shiban is also listed as a writer and creator of the pilot episode.

“What’s disturbing about it to me is, you think as a fiction writer that if you can imagine this scenario, then the people in power in the government who are there to imagine disaster scenarios can imagine it, too,” Spotnitz said.

Robert McLachlan, director of photography, received an award from the Canadian Society of Cinematographers on March 31, 2001 for his camera work on the pilot episode.

“It was odd that nobody referenced it,” McLachlan told American Free Press about the uncanny similarities between “The Lone Gunman” pilot episode he filmed and the horrific reality of 9/11. “You’re the first person who mentioned it,” he said. “In the ensuing press nobody mentioned that [9/11] echoed something that had been seen before.”

AFP asked McLachlan about who supervised the production of the pilot program. “John Shiban was primarily the creator,” McLachlan said, adding, “Chris Carter was not there.” Carter is well known for his production of the “X-Files.”

“It’s their baby,” Carter said earlier about “The Lone Gunmen.” Carter reportedly had “a minor part” in the production. Neither Carter nor Shiban could be reached for comment.

The young Keith Rupert was educated at Australia’s fashionable Geelong private school, and went on to the elitist and aristocratic Oxford University in England, according to Candour (UK) magazine.

It is through a network of organisations, in which Murdoch plays a central role, that Murdoch is connected to the individuals who arranged the privatization – and obtained control of the World Trade Center – shortly before its destruction.

These key individuals are: Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy, the lease holders of dubious repute who gained control of the WTC property six weeks before 9/11, and Port Authority Chairman Lewis M. Eisenberg, who authorised the transfer of the leases.

Murdoch belongs to, and has been honored by, a number of l organisations in which Silverstein, Lowy, and Eisenberg all hold senior positions. 50 days before 9/11, Silverstein Properties and Lowy’s Westfield America secured 99-year leases on the WTC. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey turned control of the World Trade Center over to the private hands of Silverstein and Lowy on July 24, 2001.

Silverstein and Lowy then took control of the 10.6 million-square-foot complex, which included the twin towers office buildings and two nine-story office buildings. Silvestein and Lowy then controlled all access to the World Trade Center. Lowy leased the shopping concourse called the Mall at the World Trade Center, which comprised about 427,000 square feet of retail space.

“Six weeks before the WTC towers were destroyed, the Port Authority completed the process of leasing them for 99 years to Larry Silverstein, the developer who had built 7 World Trade Center [which mysteriously self-demolished at 5:25 p.m. on 9/11].

“Simultaneously, the retail space underneath the complex was leased to Westfield America, the US division of an Australian company that is one of the world’s largest operators of shopping malls.” Paul Goldberger wrote in New Yorker, May 20, 2002.

“Silverstein and Westfield were given the right to rebuild the structures if they were destroyed, and Westfield has the right to expand the retail space by 30 percent,” Goldberger wrote.

Silverstein sued for some $7.2 billion in insurance money for the loss of the destroyed World Trade Center – and his expected earnings – for property he had leased with a down payment of $100 million – of borrowed funds.

Eisenberg in his role with the Port Authority was the key person who negotiated the 99-year leases for Silverstein and Frank Lowy’s Westfield America, who were in fact the low-bidders for the lease on the 110-story towers and the retail mall.

Murdoch and the Czechoslovakian-born Frank Lowy, who emigrated to Australia in the 1950s, have had a long friendship, which Murdoch recounted during an American Australian Association fund-raising dinner in honor of Frank’s son, Peter S. Lowy, in New York on November 20, 2002. Larry Silverstein and his wife also attended the American Australian event.

Some reporters refer to the American Australian Association, whose membership includes James Wolfensohn, the president of the World Bank, who raised cash for Rupert Murdoch when he first expanded into the United States, as “the kangaroo mafia.”

That's not to make any connection to Australia, or any other country or group to which Murdoch belongs (or belonged, he lost his Australian citizenship when he opportustically took US citizenship). Interestingly, I was once a member - for the reason that they threw wonderful parties at Rock Center here in NY last Friday of every month...

But to bet back to the man in question, we have a real problem on our hands. And is his ship sinks, it will be more than just one dead journalists in Herts who turns up dead. The real perps of 9/11 are not about to let themselves get found out. Stay tuned for more, there is lots to this...

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