Monday, July 18, 2011


Now that Murdoch is being subpoenaed to Parliament, his cronies people cannot seem to distance themselves fast enough. Citizen Kane never had it so bad. This makes Hearst look like an angel.
Rachel Brooks, his right had person, has finally managed to resign. The News of the World staff commented that it was for her they were sacrificed, hundreds jobs lost as she initially stayed on. But she must sense the ship is sinking. And she may go to jail. Along with Murdoch.
Here in the US the GOP is distancing itself, after they heard that he was trying to hack 9/11 victims. Now fancy that. The very press that tells us there is no conspiracy is out to commit conspiracy to spy on victims. Oh, that is not all they did - mark my words, Murdoch is a prime suspect in 9/11 along with his pressman Sun Myung Moon, whose weird 10 of September article on the front page of the Washington Times ought to have been a red flag to any Congressman - especially Peter King, who is on the Homeland Security Committee.
Nowadays, King is trying to get the FBI to look into Murdoch for his alleged or attempted hacking into 9/11 victims. Good try King, but don't stop there - continue to investigate who really did 9/11...
Which certain Murdoch pions do not want anyone doing, especially David Aaronovitch and Rachel North. The twain were paid lots of blood money to shout down the truthers, and now they seem to be hiding. Rachel, whose blog used to knock anyone bold enough to ask for the truth about 7/7 - whose victims Murdoch's people was also keen to hack - is not blogging anymore. The Murdoch-North relationship was close enough at one point for the FT to report the following:

'The tantalising prospect of an election battle between Rupert Murdoch and David Cameron mesmerised Westminster yesterday, before the media tycoon moved last night to kill off the idea.

The genesis of a "Sun versus the Tories" by-election was a 40th birthday party thrown for Rebekah Wade, the tabloid's editor, on Thursday night. The Sun, the principal media cheerleader for Gordon Brown's contentious 42-days detention proposals, was outraged by David Davis's resignation. A characteristically unrestrained leader in the tabloid yesterday, headlined "Crazy Davis", fulminated against the former shadow home secretary's "shabby act of treachery" and "petty grandstanding".

Ms Wade and her team had on Thursday afternoon already been discussing a cunning plan to convert this print attack into a full-blown campaign battle, by approaching Rachel North, one of the survivors of the July 7 bombings, to stand against Mr Davis.

As journalists and politicians - including senior Tories but not Mr Cameron - mingled and gossiped at Ms Wade's party, the idea gathered momentum. Mr Murdoch was among those captivated by the concept of a Sun campaign...'
And Aaronovitch is a favourite son in his opinion columns, after deserting the Guardian - which is the paper that blew the whistle on Murdoch. He has been debunked on the Jewish Chronicle blog site for his willingness to believe the official story but forth by the Third Reich about the Reichstag Fire.
It seems the press operates to hide the truth. And people like Aaronovitch and North like to get the easy money, along with thousands of scumbags who write lies. Hearst, Murdoch, Blair, Moon, just a few of the utter liars out there wasting out trees to write lies - but where are the journalists willing to speak up for the truth and write about issues such as hemp?
Few and far between.
That is why the public is so uninformed, and we have SUVs on the roads, high priced petrol, unemployment, war, etc. For Murdoch and Rachel North to make money. Both of them ought to be done for treason and imprisoned for life.

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