Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Just read the Village Voice, or what is left of it after it fired Wayne and Tim, their star reporters...but there is Michael Musto. And this week he interviews Roseanne Barr, who says she is running for president...actually I was turning the page quickly and was not reading Michael Musto, but then I saw hemp in the interview and stopped. Barr was saying she would legalise hemp and marijuana...and that last time she voted for Cynthia McKinney, who I supported on this blog!
And then I turned the pages, and found myself over and done with the Voice. And since I am already supporting Ron Paul for president, and since Barr was only talking tongue-in-cheek about being commander-in-chief, I don't need to read everything she said to Musto.
But maybe she could be vice-president...imagine that folks, Paul and Barr in the White House! And lots of hemp in the White House garden...and then the US would be back to that AAA rating.

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Carlos said...

Like so many other celebrities, they need to get paid to do anything.
So don't count on them.