Thursday, September 29, 2011

Joy Bauer, in an article in Woman's Day, on 27 September 2011, wrote about what oils were good for us. Did she mention hemp? No.
That is how the press works. They withhold information. Just this week two events had strange press - one of them being no less than the anti-Wall Street protest in Manhattan. At first there was very little press, then in the New York Times on 25 September, Gina Bellafante wrote a misleading article that had to be seriously corrected by Nathan Schneider of He noted that the numbers of protestors were increasing, rather than dwindling, as the NYT reported, and that there was certainly a very specific and well-defined view to the event; Bellafante had reported it as 'impossible to decipher.' Maybe for her it was. And the story seems impossible to print along with all the news that is supposed to be fit, such as articles on Lady Kaka, or Gaga, or whatever the hell her name is. I don't care.
I do care about real journalism, and another example of bad journalism in the NYT was yesterday's story about parents 'kidnapping' their own children. While it is true that they are charged with that, conspicuous by its absence is any mention of the reason; they were being sexually abused by the state. And that in a city where the mayor is a pervert who had to settle out-of-court claims after fondling young men. You don't see much of that story, do you?
Rich white men get off; poor blacks, as in the case of the parents who saw fit to take their children away from an abusive establishment, get paraded as criminals just for being parents. It is really sick.
And so is Bauer's omission of hemp oil.

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Mark Ski said...

Again, the mainstream press leaves out mention of anything they are not making money on.
There ought to be protests against the press just as there are protests against Wall Street.