Thursday, October 06, 2011

Tomorrow I go down with a friend to add our support to the occupation of Wall Street. I will have a sign saying fight the bankers & create jobs in the US by making hemp legal. Speaking of hemp, Mina Hegaard has relaunched her website, Minawear - click here to have a look.
She just invited her local congressman, Ron Paul, to have a look as well, after all, he is putting forward a hemp bill in the House.
Not that the GOP will support it. They are too busy supporting bankers.
But not that the Dems will support it either. They are too busy driving the getaway car
for those who robbed us. The bankers.
So what do we need? A Centrist Party, and I have mentioned that on this site, back in the summer of 2007. So I will take the initiative and start it tomorrow.
If anyone is interested, contact us at or go to


MinaBird said...

Thanks bro for the plug.

Jokerman said...

When is Minawear out with their new line? And where can one buy it in NYC?