Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Minawear at Pecan Street Festival

Minawear will be at the Pecan Street Festival in Austin Texas this weekend, 29/30 September. It is the oldest street fair in the state, and possibly the biggest.
Mina is by the way one of the most established hemp clothing manufacturers in the US. If you miss her in Austin, you can see her on line shop here: www.minawear.com

She happens to live in Victoria, which is in Dr Ron Paul's district, he is a sponsor of the Hemp Farming Bill which would give Americans the rights to grow the plant George Washington grew and which was used in the making of the first American flag. Some people hate America and oppose this. If you're an American, you ought to find out if your congressman is voting for this or against it. And vote him/her in if they do, and out of they don't.

In the future, we hope to see lots of hemp growing in Texas and all over America, replacing the more water hungry crops like cotton and corn which hurt farmers.


MinaBird said...

Booth 176! Thanks bro!

Carlos said...

Are you doing the show again next year? You'll get lots of signatures for this petition to make hemp legal. People love it here.

Kenyon said...

Petition is now up and running at www.minawear.com/about-us/

Phil Telic said...

Over 5,000 on it now! It shows that lots of people care, even though this issue does not get the press it deserves.