Tuesday, October 16, 2012


For years the soy industry has trampled the truth in its quest to destroy large swathes of the Amazon. It has been so succesful that it has convinced lefty do-gooder types to join their crusade of destruction. Just go to any health food fair, and it is all over the place.
But where is the hemp? Since it is still illegal to grow in many countries, or even to consume in others, many are still ignorant.
In NYC for instance, Whole Foods is helping mess up the planted with hundreds of soy based products, while only one store carries hemp in bulk. And that is about all the hemp they have, priced to the sky! Whole Foods helps perpetuate the myth of soy, giving it the free advertising that the soy capitalists want it to have,  so their customers consume many foods that are bad. However, truth will out, and often it outs on youtube, which is where I found these! Have a look, they are spot on with facts and a really good presentor as well.


 FRUIT JUICE = DIABETES! Fructose - Syndrome x- Insulin


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Carlos said...

The soy industry is as destructive as the car industry, but they pretend they are cool.