Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy hits New York

I'm here in New York, watching stunned as the unpreparedness for the storm has left people wounded, hungry, or dead. In Kinsgsbridge, there is a large armory, which you would expect to be open at a time like this, but no; it houses a few national guardsmen, and to hell with the taxpayer. 10 acres of land put to no use in the middle of a great metropolis.Where was the mayor or Rubin Diaz, the borough president?
Power is out in areas of Kingsbridge, with fallen trees straddling what was once cars, fences and houses. But this is a haven compared to Manhattan and Brooklyn, where whole neighbourhoods are flooded, power is out, Con Ed exploded, buildings caved in, and there is no transportation; not that there is any here in the Bronx, which is connected to three other boroughs by the subway; this has ground to a halt with entire stations under water. Buses do not run. Bridges and tunnels are closed.
It is like the Joker in a Batman movie is having fun with us all, while the politicians, secretly his friends, do nothing; why was not more money spent on flood protection, why are armories sitting closed and idle, why did the backup generator at NYU hospital fail, why, why, why?
Because the public does not watch these people as they steal our money. Bloomberg's administration pilfered $80million in one campaign alone, which was ironically supposed to stop theft. It was theft. That money could have protected NY but it did not.
So I sit here wondering if I will get food to buy, or if ATMs will work, or if I can get to work
with no public transport. There were no pumps at the subway stations, just lots of CCTVs to watch your every move, like the Harvey Dent Act, again, in a Batman movie.  At least I have a pound of hemp, which is high in nutrition, so I'll be eating an old fav, brocoli with hemp sauce, hemp seeds, garlic, peppers and cheddar. Hemp sauce is like soy sauce but does not use soy so is environmentally friendly.
And it makes me wonder if the destruction of the Amazon by soy loving jerks is not a factor it these storms. Katrina, Sandy, you name them, but you can't tame them.\Fast and furious they come, and man is reaping what he sowed.
It is time we changed our politicians and sowed hemp - which they refuse to let us do in the US.
Until we do we'll just have to endure more storms.
So make sure you have batteries, water, and a box of hemp seeds, you may be without power for a long time.

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Mark Ski said...

That armory is large! But the pols hate people in the Bronx, it is no secret they want to keep the tourists corraled around Times Sq and squeeze them for money at high priced joints.
Ruben Diaz sucks them day and night, he wastes people's time in the Bronx while waiting for his masters to heap rewards on his head like that other vile jerk, Quinn, who rips off her people midtown and lets bedbugs thrive on 8th Avenue.