Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Public transport in New York City/Ferry to Roosevelt Island/

My last post was about Hurricane Sandy's destruction, which is compounded by the politicians' lack of preparedness; what comes to mind right away is the lack of transportation, the lack of pumps in the subways which are now flooded, and the lack of any alternate transportation; such as ferries.
NY has a history of these, so there is precedent - and no excuse not to have them. One does run from the tip of Manhattan to Staten Island, which has no subway - and for what it's worth, one to Governor's Island, which was closed earlier this year when I went with a friend to take a ride - but other ferries are not to be found. One in particular, or the lack of one, hits home, as I visit a friend who is housed in a hospital on Roosevelt Island. It has only one vehicular access bridge, from Queens; a tram, and a subway. All of which are out of order now, and the hospital being surrounded by water and on low ground, I am worried about my friend and cannot get him on the phone.
So it brings to mind a conversation I had with residents of the island and 12th Congressional District candidate-to-be Wade Emory Johnson, when he asked about a ferry, which could run to Queens, Manhattan and other parts. It was said that the MTA opposed the idea as it would compete with the train
America is about competition. Competition would have created a way to get to work for the hundreds of workers in the hospital, some of whom ended up trapped at the hospital. Ferries do not need expensive tunnels and are not confined to fixed routes. They serve a need and can be rerouted as needed in emergencies. And they are fun to ride.
So why no ferry? Ask the mayor, the borough president, the congressman, and everyone else involved in this rotten thieving administration. Maybe the answer is that they stole so much money there was none left for this.
And ask them what they are doing about hemp, which could provide jobs for Americans, and from which ferries can be powered.
But don't expect an answer. They have hijacked this country and will not give it back.

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Mark Ski said...

Ferries are too practical, as is hemp; the pols want the power for themselves, the more people are trapped and powerless they more they can exploit them. A ferry is an excellent idea, and much needed for that hospital staff, evacuations, etc. Public safety is not Bloomberg's concern