Monday, November 19, 2012

Vegetarians, hemp and dummies

Last week I picked up two books I thought would be good: Being Vegetarian for Dummies and Vegetarian Cooking for Dummies. The most one could say is that they lived up to their titles. Sadly, there was no mention of hemp, although these were both copyright 2001 when there was much hemp awareness: Woody Harrelson, a vegetarian, was on the trail planting hemp seeds and preaching the virtues of hemp seed as a food, hemp based eateries were in major cities, hemp clothing shops as well, and a good amount of books and articles existed in the public domain. So where was Suanna Havala, M.S., R.D., at the time?

Hemp does pose a challenge as to the legality in some countries, like the US, where this book was published, and also awareness, or rather the lack of awareness -  among farmers and environmentalists - although growing hemp for seed is one of the easiest applications - it is growing hemp for fine fibres that poses the greatest challenge - but it was legal to consume and only a dummy could have missed it in writing a book on vegetarian cuisine.

Then of thousands of acres of hemp are grown by dealers like Roger Snow of Rocky Mountain Hemp Products in Canada, where the legal restrictions do not exist, as they do not have the lobbyists and Mitt Romney to deal with - speaking of whom, I might just send some hemp to that sorry loser as a consolation prize. Not that he would appreciate it; especially coming from me, it was I who shook his hand at a NYC fundraiser and told him to quit, he was going to lose and he was a jerk. His security tried to arrest me for embarrassing him! As if he doesn't do enough of that for himself what with his blackface ad. He and Suzanna Havala would get along just fine, they could write Politics for Dummies and it would sell to dummies.


Pick nMix said...

Really, hemp is great for vegetarians, vegans, everyone actually it is full of natural omega 3 oils!

GOPbuster said...

Soy biz is run by real scum.
They too hate hemp.

Phil Telic said...

Most veggie chefs do not know how to really cook with veggies. They make bland food and want to charge a lot veggies, it's greed. Hemp costs more so they ignore it. They can't make as much money.