Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hemp growing well in Australia

Years ago I met Paul Benhaim in London; he came to Chiswick on his moped and agreed to write a couple chapters for Hemp for Victory: History & Qualities of the World's Most Useful Plant. Then he went down under as they say, one more Pommie to populate the antipodes. His mission of course was hemp, and he is now helping the Oz economy with his work. A story in Byron News by Veda Dante just caught my eye, and will no doubt be good reading for that idiotic American congressman who hates America so much that he votes to keep hemp illegal. Those sick individuals have no qualms about keeping hemp illegal and keeping Americans poor while other countries reap rewards. They are political terrorists poised to blow up the US economy be pretending that they are helping America on the 'war on drugs' - what do they think that means, arrest George Washington or something? Send the SWAT team after Thomas Jefferson? Who knows with these terrorists, they are hateful morons and must be stopped with Common Sense.
Which is well evident in Australia - read on - and then sign the petition for hemp in the US at: www.minawear.com/about-us/

CROP WANTED: Paul Benhaim of Hemp Foods Australia says he can use as much seed as he can get his hands on. Bangalow-based Hemp Foods Australia is calling for local farmers to help cater for the growing worldwide demand in hemp products.

The company grows industrial hemp under government licence, but has been unable to keep up with consumer needs.

"We are using as much Australian-grown hemp seed as we can get our hands on," said managing director Paul Benhaim. "We are actively looking to expand contracts to support more Australian farmers and supply our operational manufacturing plant," Mr Benhaim said.

"This is a great opportunity for farmers to grow something other than sugar cane or cattle, which is also organic and sustainable."

De-hulled hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp protein are among the products being produced in the Bangalow facility, which has been supported by the Department of Trade & Industry.

If you are a farmer interested in cultivating hemp seed on organic certified land, then register your interest by calling 6687 1260.

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Mark Ski said...

Most US Congressmen could give a damn...they are busy playing spanking games with their young interns. The taxpayer is sponsoring this. Christian taxpayers funding S&M - but so many of them are too stupid to care about a real issue because the SMers told them it was a drug issue. Satan told them what to believe and they believed. Glad to see that in Australia they have more sense.