Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Kenaf, is it hemp?

My sister just left a comment about a Texan growing 'Cannabis hibisicus', most likely Hibiscus cannabinus, which is Kenaf, or Ambari hemp. Years ago hemp could legally be used to describe a number of fibres, but since the mid-twentieth century it has been limited to Cannabis sativa.
Or it could have been some other sort of hibiscus, which occasioned police action at the home of some law abiding citizens of the Lone Star State, see my reply (scroll down two posts).
Kenaf has been experimented with by the US government as a source of fibre hemp, and is a viable plant to explore for this, but does not also provide the many other products that C. sativa does.
The image below shows the superficial similarity between the two, the flower, of course, varying greatly.

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