Tuesday, January 08, 2013

US Senator Ron Wyden's 2012 Hemp Bill

While Congressman Ron Paul's Hemp Farming Bill is still in the House, not sure what will happen now that he is retiring in two weeks' time, a Senate Bill has died with even less support than Paul's. The sponsor of that bill, US Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore., in June of 2012,  issued the following statement on the amendment to the Farm bill he introduced lifting prohibitions on the growing of industrial hemp:

“I firmly believe that American farmers should not be denied an opportunity to grow and sell a legitimate crop simply because it resembles an illegal one. I fought for an amendment that would have recognized industrial hemp as a legitimate crop, but since doing so requires amending the Controlled Substances Act it was considered non-germane to the current debate and could not be brought up for a vote. Raising this issue has sparked a growing awareness of exactly how ridiculous the U.S.’s ban on industrial hemp is. I’m confident that if grassroots support continues to grow and Members of Congress continue to hear from voters then common sense hemp legislation can move through Congress in the near future.”

Let us make that grassroots support happen! Hundreds have now done just that, but signing the White House petition at www.minawear.com/about-us/

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MinaBird said...

Looks like KY is getting some traction with Rand Paul joining forces! Got a call from Katie Moyer at the KY hemp coalition yesterday... Lets get the conservatives on board to steer the ship!! (hemp ropes aboard too!) Please sign the petition people! www.minawear.com/about-us/