Thursday, January 31, 2013

Latest on Kentucky from Katie Moyer

Katie Moyer, who runs the site, just sent out this release:
Katie Moyer with Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer.
This is it folks! The KY industrial hemp bill, sponsored by Sen Paul Hornback, is all set for February 11th in the Agriculture Committee in Frankfort! The hearing is set for 11AM Eastern Time.
It's now been confirmed that Congressman John Yarmuth (D) and Senator Rand Paul (R) will be testifying on behalf of the crop. They will be there to support Agriculture Commissioner James Comer.
Why is this such big news? 
So far industrial hemp farming in KY has been endorsed by the KY Chamber of Commerce, Kentucky Association of Counties, the KY Judge Executives Association, and individual Sheriffs across the state.
The issue has gotten incredibly positive media coverage around the Bluegrass, and several major industries are now looking carefully into hemp research and production. Patriot Bioenergy is currently doing research into blending hemp cellulose with coal for cleaner burning fuel. Caudill Seed Company, the largest producer of certified seed in the state of Kentucky, has expressed great interest in hemp seed being the newest addition to their company. And there are even talks of Toyota replacing the jute used to make car parts with KY grown hemp fibers!
And now, add to that these two heavyweights of the political world who are coming together to testify on behalf of a crop that could be the desperately-needed replacement for tobacco. They are putting political pressure aside to prove that hemp is not only a non-partisan issue, it's a job creating issue! In addition to these two testimonies, we should also hear from newly elected Congressman Thomas Massie, a vocal supporter of hemp, and Mike Lewis, a disabled veteran who founded the group Homegrown by Heroes, which helps military veterans get back to the land and back to work.
This is an incredible lineup of speakers, all coming together to testify on behalf of a crop which has massive grassroots support across the state. I would recommend that any hemp supporters who are in the area that Monday, to come and show their support for the bill, as well as staying afterwards for a possible political rally on the steps of the Capitol!
If you have any questions, please give me a call, text, or email. Hope to see you there!
Katie Moyer
Commission Member and Chair of the KY Hemp Coalition


Carlos said...

That Kentucky blog is really good, if only every state had a blog like that, it was probably instrumental in getting Mitch to back hemp.

Mark Ski said...

They work hard on the issue in that state - other states have hempsters who do not even know who their reps are and cannot be bothered to write them. Sad.

Phil Telic said...

Great blog that one in Kentucky! Blogs are where the real info on hemp is!
Is it because blogs are not underwritten by nasty corporations that produce war and pesticides?