Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mitch McConnell statement on hemp in Kentucky

Another bit of good news sent to me from Mina Hegaard, who runs the petition to the  White House at - please sign - make your voice heard - is that Mitch McConnell, the senior senator from Kentucky - has met with the other senator, Rand Paul to discuss hemp, and has issued the statement posted below.

Mitch McConnell Set To Support Hemp Push?

January 31st, 2013 · No Comments

As Jake offered on Twitter earlier today, it looks like Mitch McConnell is set to announce his support of hemp in Kentucky, since he just issued a statement.
Since he had a lengthy meeting with Rand Paul and Paul’s top staffer, it seems to be a solid move to help stave of tea party opposition.
Here’s McConnell’s statement:
“After long discussions with Senator Rand Paul and Commissioner James Comer on the economic benefits of industrialized hemp, I am convinced that allowing its production will be a positive development for Kentucky’s farm families and economy. Commissioner Comer has assured me that his office is committed to pursuing industrialized hemp production in a way that does not compromise Kentucky law enforcement’s marijuana eradication efforts or in any way promote illegal drug use. The utilization of hemp to produce everything from clothing to paper is real and if there is a capacity to center a new domestic industry in Kentucky that will create jobs in these difficult economic times that sounds like a good thing to me.”
UPDATE: Now some Republicans are suggesting McConnell’s endorsement of hemp is another sign that he plans to support Jamie Comer in a bid for governor instead of supporting Brett Guthrie.

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