Sunday, February 03, 2013

Article on hemp from Daily Press, Montrose County, Colorado

An article (below map) in the Daily Press by Will Hearst mentions a hemp bill in Montrose County, Colorado which is now under debate. The state has made hemp legal, and some farmers, including Michael Bowman, are thinking of planting in the spring - which may open a pandora's box of legal issues. Montrose Co. is on the west side of the state, as can be seen on the map:

While Montrose County voters opposed Amendment 64 — a recently adopted measure that legalizes the possession, use and retail sale of small amounts of marijuana by adults — state lawmakers now may be opening the door for a potential cash crop for area farmers that is closely related to pot. Hemp, which is against the law to grow, is regarded in some circles as marijuana’s more useful cousin. And if you were to ask state Rep. Don Coram, R-Montrose, or Jason Lauve of the Industrial Hemp Remediation Pilot Program about he plant, both would cite some reasons local growers soon may consider planting hemp over corn or beans.Lauve was a guest speaker during Don Coram’s Town Hall meeting Saturday at the US Tractor building, and he kept the attention of audience with a variety of facts about the little-known plant.

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GOPbuster said...

Behind the scenes the US gov is scared of this issue - all major press outfits are told to standdown - notice the lack of coverage from the NYT when McConnell advocated hemp.
They will likely stage some kind of false flag attack to make the hemp growers look like criminals and try to discredit the movement.