Monday, February 04, 2013

The fall of Chris Huhne

Today UK MP Chris Huhne is all over the papers, for lying. This one comes as no surprise; I met Huhne years ago at a Lib Dem hustings in London, when he very lamely lost. After the event, I cornered him and embarrassed him badly about the streak of illegal abductions of UK citizens, some of whom had not committed a crime but were being extradited at the behest of the Carlyle Group; Ian Norris who was kidnapped with the help of UK thugs and sent to a dungeon abroad, after having committed no crime. Carlyle had bought an interest in his company and wanted to do him in. The UK body politic and the press betrayed him - even the Independent, after sending Genevieve Roberts to interview him at the offices of White & Case - dropped the story due to some intervention.  Previous posts on this blog have explained how idiotic this has been, and I encourage the reader to get a hold of this information before Carlyle backed goons squads invade your country.

Another British victim of these vicious attacks had tried to warn the Pentagon about its lack of security and was turned on by a group of thugs, publicly wishing him to fry. The Lib Dems lost face badly as Huhne tried in vain to sound concerned, I pounded home my points as the cameras rolled and he was never so happy to get away.
Since he was the Lib Dem environment spokesperson for some time, he was sent a copy of Hemp for Victory, which he never seems to have read. His colleagues Lord Rea and Baroness Jenny Tonge were receptive though, so I am not bashing the Lib Dems; just Huhne, who deserves to be bashed, for his lack of concern about UK citizens, lack of concern about the UK economy - one notes he deserves this soundly as he was an economic journalist for the Guardian - and now, for out-and-out lying.

So his political career is over. Good riddance, Mr Huhne. Let the Lib Dems get a hold of someone who is honest and informed and they can win back some respect.


GOPbuster said...

A lot of UK pols are paid to betray their country, by companies like Carlyle - the KGB, etc. KGB owns MI6...and they also own the paper you mentioned, the Independent. Roberts is one of their best journalists, and not owned by the KGB - that is why they promote idiots like Andy McSmith who badmouths top MI6 people and puts down the UK.
Hemp is legal in the UK - but these foreign interests keep the gov away from developing it, the best they did was squander half a millions pounds on BioRegional which harvested hemp but never processed it - or even bothered to read about how to process it.
The UK gov needs to clean out these idiots - arrest Blair for treason - and interrogate most of them about 7/7 which was an inside job.
Guys like this are there to do these things and keep hemp from being competition to major foreign companies which are bleeding Britain - Carlyle bought Qinetic - which was against the law as it needed to be bid on domestically but never was.
Carlyle has their agents in the press and gov and will work hard to keep hemp illegal in the US and little used in the UK - their base, it is worth noting, is here in NY at the 666 Building on 5th Avenue.

Carlos said...

There was all kinds of secret dealings to get Ian Norris in jail, Huhne did not want to know - they all had standdown orders, and his paper, the Guardian, refused to print a single story about it. The Independent got the story to use for Soviet intel, sending a reporter to talk to him and Gibson - but had no intent to ever publish it. Then a Soviet FSB/KGB colonel bought the Independent.
Matthew Hoffman worked at the paper then, he has ties to the Murdoch press and they are now buying off politicians in the UK and US to keep quiet the investigations into phone buggin, 9/11., etc.
Huhne was never keen to go after Murdoch after Sean Hoare was killed - note how the UK police labeled it a drug overdose - with not test results! The whistleblower died, and so did the Parliamentary proceedings - Huhne did what he was told! Good boy!

Phil Telic said...

Huhne wrote for the Guardian and was the environment spokesperson for the Lib Dems. So where was his article on hemp?
The Guardian did one several years ago after much lobbying by the British Isles Hemp & Natural Fibres Industries Association, but has not done one recently.
Too much space is devoted to the story about Huhne, whom they fail to mention was one of their own.