Friday, February 01, 2013

Clinton welcomes news of Mitch McConnell backing hemp

Here is an article by Jason Hibbs of WPSD about a small town in Kentucky that is welcoming the news about the most powerful senator in the nation, their very own Mitch McConnell, supporting hemp. This news is going somewhat viral at the moment, it has of course hit the Huffington Post where the uber liberals are reviling POTUS over the fact that this issue is being championed by the likes of Dr Ron Paul, Senator Rand Paul, North Dakota State House Majority Leader Dave Monson, and now Mitch McConnell - all of whom are GOP derechistas.
marijuana ky 300FRANKFORT, Ky. (1/31/13) – Today, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell issued a statement of support for Agriculture Commissioner James Comer and the effort to re-introduce industrial hemp into Kentucky agriculture. Leader McConnell’s office issued the following statement:
POTUS will be seeing the petition from Mina Hegaard of Texas, who was in Dr Ron Paul's district until this year - go there, whether you are GOP derechist, left winger or just a sensible person doing the right, I mean, correct thing -

CLINTON, Ky. - The growing debate over hemp legalization just got an endorsement from a very powerful ally.

Thursday, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell jumped on board saying he supports re-introducing industrial hemp into Kentucky agriculture. A handful of lawmakers from both parties are backing a bill that would make Kentucky one of the first states to grow hemp.
One leader in the City of Clinton, wants his town to cash in on this form of cannabis before anyone else. He created a resolution to make it official that the City of Clinton supports the "alternative crop." At last month's commission meeting, leaders postponed the decision. On Monday, however, they'll likely take a stand on an issue that makes local law enforcement and neighbors nervous.

When people in Clinton hear the word "hemp," marijuana comes to mind. It even looks like weed, which is what worries Hickman County Sheriff Mark Green.

"If it looks like marijuana, how are we going to be able to tell the difference, I don't know if we can," Green said.

Clinton commissioner Ivan Potter started the discussion with a resolution. A statement that Potter says could turn Clinton into a thriving town.

"It would be a cash crop, number one, but it would also mean jobs for our people here who don't have jobs," Potter said.

Potter said hemp would breath life into old buildings like a former shoe plant that, at one time, employed more than 300 people.

But Sheriff Green worries legalizing hemp would make fighting the war on drugs even harder.

"Until they can prove to me it's not going to hurt law enforcement, I'm not going to back it," Green said.

Potter said harvesting hemp won't hurt anything. In fact, he says it's exactly what Clinton needs.

"It's gotten a bad wrap, let's just say it's cousin marijuana is a bad, bad boy, hemp is not like that," Potter said.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture, which supports industrial hemp, said you cannot get high from industrial hemp and that the product is basically free of T.H.C., the intoxicating chemical found in marijuana.
Hemp can be used to manufacture fuel, clothing, paper, cosmetics, and other products.
The Kentucky Department of Agriculture says hemp is a nightmare for marijuana because it cross pollinates and actually destroys marijuana plants in the vicinity. Also hemp plants are much taller than marijuana plants.
Clinton commissioners will vote on the resolution Monday.


Carlos said...

Clinton? welcomes news of??
Oh, I see, the town of Clinton....
Billary are out to lunch on this issue. As are most of the Dems in the US.

Mark Ski said...

Bill and Hill made $ and could give a damn. We the people is the force that will make or break this issue.
I see lots signing at - that goes to the White House.

GOPbuster said...

That petition is GREAT! I signed!

Phil Telic said...

And check out the yoga gear there too. Mina Hegaard has been in the hemp world for a long time now, she is one of the people that make it happen in the USA.