Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zonker growing hemp in Colorado in Doonesbury

Colorado is a state where it is legal to grow hemp, although the federal government might come down with the SWAT teams if they do...the issue is HOT, and has now spilled over into one of my fav cartoons - Doonesbury. Michael Roberts in the Denver Westword gives us the scoop on Zonker:

Doonesbury hasn't had a print home in Denver since June 2011, when the Denver Post yanked it. But it can be accessed online, and it's still good. Creator Gary Trudeau remains sharp and engaged; he's not doing the equivalent of repeating Garfield-eating-lasagna jokes.

Case in point: Today's strip, part of a new storyline, in which longtime fave Zonker -- no doubt inspired by our recent cover story, "Green Acres" -- announces he's coming to Colorado to farm hemp under an appropriate new name. Check it out below.
In panel one, Zonker is chatting with a co-worker at McFriendly's, the restaurant where he works -- and a place that continues to supersize in a big way:

doonesbury zonker colorado 1.jpg
That's followed by a panel-two reference to a Colorado icon whose given name most locals know, but many outsiders may not:

doonesbury zonker colorado 2.jpg
The third panel identifies said celebrity and sets up the closing joke:

doonesbury zonker colorado 3.jpg
And then, in panel four, the punchline:

doonesbury zonker colorado 4.jpg
Will more people from around the country soon turn up in Colorado with hemp dreams? Here's an appropriate passage from "Green Acres," written by Melanie Asmar:
When voters legalized retail sales of recreational marijuana last November, a single sentence in the otherwise pot-centric Amendment 64 also made it lawful to grow hemp. That doesn't mean that a hemp industry will sprout overnight, however. While recreational marijuana can lean on the infrastructure currently in place for medical pot, hemp has virtually no road map.
What it does have is a merry band of hempsters, a small but dedicated group of supporters that includes a retired Yellow Pages saleswoman, a self-described mad scientist, the victorious defendant in one of Colorado's landmark medical marijuana cases and a handful of stone-cold sober lawmakers who represent the type of places where people have dirt under their fingernails and make their living off the land. Together, this group is determined to create a hemp industry and position the state at the leading edge of an agricultural boom.
In other words, Zonker may soon have some company -- perhaps named Earl Fort Collins or Marvin Grand Junction.


GOPbuster said...

Way cool! I hope Trudeau makes this an ongoing issue!

Phil Telic said...

It would be nice if Doone would do more justice to hemp. BTW, that cartoon has been AWOL lately from the NY Daily News, is he upsetting them by mentioning hemp?