Saturday, April 27, 2013

Building hemp bridges in Oregon

Oregon State Representative Suzanne Bonamici has joined together with Senator Ron Wyden and Governor John Kitzhaber to champion a new construction project involving the use of hemp buiding materials.

Suzanne bonamici Oregon Organization To Build Bridge Made From Hemp Materials
Rep. Bonamici

Representative Bonamici is an avid longtime lobbyist for the legalization of industrial hemp. “It’s rope, not dope,” Bonamici proclaims.

Governor Kitzhaber told reporters in a press conference he is fatigued with all of the past Columbia River Crossing’s half-baked project ideas.

“If we’re going to do this thing, let’s do it fully baked,” Governor Kitzhaber declared.

And as far as the governor’s interest in the project is concerned he is delighted at the prospective jobs it will offer and the fact that going green by using hemp building materials means they will be saving some “green” as well.

“It’s eco-friendly, it will bring hundreds of green jobs to Oregon, and initial projections are that building a hemp bridge will cut the costs in half,” Kitzhaber explained.

The project’s supporters have been busy recruiting celebrities with the intentions of raising awareness and to help build further backing for the venture.

Their most notable celebrity supporter to date is one Woody Harrelson, actor and activist extraordinaire.

hemp1 150x150 Oregon Organization To Build Bridge Made From Hemp Materials
hemp field

Woody expresses his feelings about the Columbia Reefer Crossing’s (recently adopted title) efforts to build a pedestrian bridge using hemp construction material.

“This is very exciting. Washington has recently legalized marijuana, and Oregon is looking at doing the same. The CRC would be a living symbol of the cannabis bridge between the two states,” Harrelson asserted.

Stay tuned to The 420 Times for any updates regarding the hemp pedestrian bridge project’s progress and for all you cannabis community news.

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