Sunday, April 28, 2013

Environmentalist Ian Henshall to speak in London

While some would stifle all debate about the Boston bombings, or all such attacks,
as was the custom in Rome, just blame it on the Christians Nero said, there are those who look beyond the official story. Not that it may be otherwise. But since too many questions exist, we need to seek answers, and this week there will be an excellent forum for that in London with fellow environmentalist Ian Henshall, who has already written two great books with questions about 9/11 and the anthrax attacks - which were, as many claimed - US made attacks and NOT jihadi terror; the FBI, after years of listening to us, finally agreed, but then pinned the blame on a dead man in an attempt to quash further questions.

Newsflash: Tuesday's meeting to include Boston Bomb Analysis
Conway Hall, London WC1 4RL

Tuesday 30 April, 6.30pm to 9.30 pm

Entrance £4 unwaged £2. Full price tickets in advance £3 Light refreshments.

For main programme see attached PDF. Lots on Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Spanish airline pilot and truth activist Mitoa Edjang presentation on why the pilots accused of the 9/11 attacks did not have the necessary skills.


Investigative journalist David Southwell, documentary maker Tom Secker, 911 best selling author Ian Henshall
Boston: the Unanswered Questions
It's too soon to be sure what the real story of the Boston bombs will turn out to be but already the unanswered questions cast a sinister light on the official story.

The paper trail is suspicious. The accused Tsarnaev brothers turn out to have been well known to the FBI. The alleged instigator Misha, who should also be known to the FBI, has vanished and been removed from the official narrative. Elder brother Tamerlan was allegedly working with a CIA front organisation in Georgia in the Caucasus. The parents and a last Facebook message fro younger brother Dzhokhar claim the brothers were "set up" by the FBI. People who know them do not believe the official story (except the uncle, a wheeler dealer with close CIA links).

The claimed facts appear to be wrong. A picture appears to show Tamerlan naked and under arrest. How did he end up dead? Dzhokhar had no weapon so how was he shot in the throat in a firefight?

Why was Boston put under virtual marshal law? This is not the normal response to suspected killers on the loose. Who was the alleged carjack victim and who supplied the guns and bombs which the brothers do not seem to have had access to earlier?

Why did President Obama, a trained lawyer, pronounce the suspects guilty in flagrant contempt of the rule of law? Was this linked to of the openly expressed FBI demands on the media to suppress photos contradicting the official story?

Why do pictures show that the second suspect Dzhokharhad a white rucksack when the bombs were apparently in a black rucksacks? Why have the FBI failed to supply any photographs showing that either suspect left a rucksack behind.

Why were the original suspects exonerated, one deported to Saudi Arabia and one found dead, and why did Obama made an unscheduled meeting with the Saudi Foreign Minister?

What was the exact role of the many contractors with black rucksacks pictured around the bombed area? Was there an anti-terror drill going on as one eyewitness reported?

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