Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Department of Hempland Security

One of the arguments against letting Americans grow hemp for raw materials and produce jobs is that law enforcement could not tell it apart from dope...funny, George Washington never had any problem with this, he grew lots of hemp, and it was used
for 200 years, no, more - in America - for official purposes.
Many cops are FOR hemp. So who are these cops who are standing in the way? GOP nutters or NRA members? Who knows. Here in New York it turns out that the cops are busy riding the highways with criminal bikers, and smashing the windows of a vehicle carrying a man, his wife and a 2-year-old daughter. This assortment of cops and robbers then beat the man silly in front of his terrrified family, after chasing his vehicle for miles. Alexian Lien has his face slashed by these thugs.

At first the cops involved exercised their right to silence; or no, they had no right to silence as their badge compels them to make a report, so they just stayed silent while Americans were beaten and kicked and scared for their lives. And the story kept getting worse and worse; at first, they said a cop happened to be riding with them - and conveniently, he did not give his name citing his role as an undercover. Then he says he was in the back of it all; then it turns out he was smashing the window with great force, and last night the news said there could be as many as six cops involved. And strangely, the criminals are hardly getting charged. The whole pack should face charges as accessories, child endangerment, etc. etc. While some news sources are not naming - and shaming the cops - let me give their names here: Detective Samir Gonsalves and Wojchiech Braszczok. The latter is the one who is accused of smashing the window. And are there four more? Or more than four more? Gonsalves incidentally is already facing charges of beating a female prosecutor. And oh, Braszczok was an undercover posing as an OWS protestor a couple years wonder that movement never made any headway and NEVER TOOK ON THE HEMP ISSUE - see my previous posts on that story...

So are we really going to listen to a bunch of lawmakers and cops-who-ride-with-robbers tell us that we cannot grow hemp? Yes, if we are stupid. Utterly stupid.
Time to call your congressman and senator and make them VERY uncomfortable if they are aiding and abetting the beatdown of America. And also you might ask that the whole pack of bikers - including ALL cops - be prosecuted for child endangerment, unsafe riding, and terrorism - this last word is not being used but yes this is terrorism, when a nation's roadways are taken over and its citizens are terrorised. Where is Homeland Security on this issue?

Maybe time to start a new agency: the Department of Hempland Security. Grow hemp and keep terrorist bikers and rogue cops in jail.


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Carlos said...

Yeah, a bunch of the guys on bikes were COPS! This really sucks.