Monday, October 07, 2013

The latest in hemp bags from Arrogance

I just heard from Sneha Bhani at Arrogance - - check them out, they are a London based firm that makes really great bags and luggage, they come from a background of being in that business and do not mess around - their stuff does not wear out! Top quality.  And the look is always spot on, I gave some of their goods to journalists and one baroness and it never failed to impress.
Posted below is an image of some of their bags, and I will be posting more soon and talking about their latest moves. Companies like this are a source of pride to the hemp movement and it is their example that has helped move forward the issue - this fall the first industrial hemp harvest in 50 years
has just taken place in the US (Ryan Loflin's 60 acre plot in Colorado) and it is very much due to hard working hempsters who make quality stuff that can be taken seriously that politicians have gone to bat for hemp or decided, as in the case of the US Attorney General Eric Holder, to let it grow.
In the UK it has been growing for years, although Arrogance and other companies must buy their textiles still mainly, if not exclusively, from China - as there is not the infrastructure in place to weave it elsewhere. The more we buy hemp and support these kind of companies the more momentum we have to bring about local hemp cultivation and production - in other words -
JOBS! Let's help the economy and the environment this way, and if anyone wants to get their voice heard at the White House, please sign the petition at


Carlos said...

Arrogance has been around a long time, they are one of the best!
Their older stuff is vintage and collectible, very good designer working for them.

Mark Ski said...

Arrogance rocks and Minawear are two rocking companies.

Kenyon Gibson said...

Glad you guys like them - they work hard and put out good stuff so I am happy to support them here.

Phil Telic said...

Arrogance is a top brand. Tough gear that does not wear out. Another example of a company that can make money from hemp and has been around for years. Minawear and Global Hemp are other examples.

Don Anser said...

Great company! Hemp is long lasting so worth paying more for.